changing pages

Use the 4 Arrows in the Navigation Bar to change pages

Click on arrow butttons at each end to go to first and last page. Click on the left or right arrow buttons in middle to turn pages forward or back.

Use the Side Arrows located to the left and right of the magazine

Click on the right or left arrows that appear on the sides of a magazine page when putting your mouse over the edge of a page

Use the Keyboard Arrow Keys

Press the right or left arrow keys on your keyboard to turn pages forward or back.

Jump to a particular page from the Navigation Bar

Select the page number from dropdown list to jump to the page

Table of contents

Select the link in the Table of Contents to jump to the page


Go to the in this issue tab and select Pages to view thumbnails; then select a thumbnail image to jump directly to that specific page.

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changing sizes and views

To Zoom In or Zoom Out

Click on the page to zoom in and out

From the Navigation Bar, use the Zoom Level Bar

Select the zoom from the zoom slider to zoom in and out

From the Navigation Bar, click the Pages button

Toggle between two page mode and one page mode

From the Navigation Bar, select Fullscreen mode

Display the browser in full screen mode. Accessible via the zoom slider dialog window.

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using features

To Subscribe to the publication from the Navigation Bar

subscribe to this publication

To Print from the Navigation Bar

print the issue

To Share the issue from the Navigation Bar

email the issue to friends, embed or link it to other social networks

Click on create a link to embed a link in a document.

Click on post to a social network to add a magazine link to your social network page.

Click on create a customer widget to customize the text as desired, then copy and paste the HTML into your blog or website.

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article reader

Reading an article

The Open Article button will appear on a page when the page has article content. To open the article for reading, click on the Open Article button. The Article Reader will open on the screen and the button will change to Close Article.

Going to the next or previous article

The Article Reader will display <previous story and next story> links to enable you to open the previous article or next article in the list.

Moving the Article Reader

Move your cursor over the page tab at the top of the Article Reader. The cursor will change to the move cursor, indicating that you can drag the Article Reader around the screen. Click and hold the mouse button in this section to move the Article Reader.

Resizing the Article Reader

The bottom right corner of the Article Reader is a resizer hot spot. Move your mouse over this spot and your cursor will change to the resize cursor. Click and hold your mouse button on this area to resize the Article Reader.

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From the Help tab, scroll to Digital support

if you have any problem need assistant from us, please contact us through digital support link below

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